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Warriors of the Discotheque

Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club FEATURE LENGTH Documentary


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Final Version on VOD

Final Version on VOD

We started shooting back in November '08, released the first teaser in January '09, a few months later screened the short at the prestigious USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX. We screened a very early, (and somewhat rushed) version of the feature film at the USA FF again in 2011, then did a DVD release party the following year, 2012, at the aforementioned USA FF, as well as screening at the Legendary Texas Theatre a few months later. In the meantime, we've screened this film around the world: Australia to London, NYC, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and of course, Tinsletown... Then, miraculously, a whole slew of extremely rare stock footage and interviews came into our clutches. Finally, we have the COMPLETE version we've offered on Blu Ray, and now available on VOD, for all of you to peruse. You can read more specific info on our final version below. Recently, this version garnered a very intelligent and thoughtful review! Below are our merchandising links and once again a sincere, heartfelt, THANK YOU to all who've been so supportive of this film and the Starck movement in general...

We're working on bringing WotD, and the legacy of the Starck Club, to still more remote corners of the globe, stay tuned. In addition, we're proud to announce a mention in the grand lady of all media: below are some ways to help support our 'little seen' film according to The NY Times!!!!!!!!!

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We celebrate the FINAL version of the award winning documentary, on Blu-ray actually, about the legendary Starck Club. Philippe Starck's first design in the U.S. (Starck appears in the new cut as a young man discussing his design philosophy outside the Starck Club as it was being built) and ground zero for the entire rave/ecstasy scene. Meanwhile, we're offering a great deal on The Special Edition Blu- Ray which includes ultra rare footage of the aforementioned Philippe Starck, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and footage of the club raging at it's peak, on the eve of Ecstasy becoming illegal. (A local news crew shot various interviews with patrons and staff.) And other rare treats!!!! This package includes the DVD- loaded w/ extras, new Blu Ray (the BR allows for amazing HD crystal clear quality and sound-the film will never look better.) We're also donating a % of proceeds to the ALS association in honor of former Starck Club doorman, Bob Amaro, who passed away last year from ALS aka Lou Gerhig's disease. NOTE: If you don't have a Blu Ray player, not a problem, we offer new version on DVD as well. ALSO the Blu Ray Package includes artwork SIGNED BY THE DIRECTOR, as well as Poster very LIMITED EDITION!!! Continue to scroll down to see Poster deal...

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The place is the notorious Starck Club (so called because it was the first major project designed by Philippe Starck in the US.) The Starck Club opened in Dallas in 1984 and not long after hosted the 1984 national Republican Convention. Ironically, it was actually legal to buy MDMA aka ecstasy there, people would put it on their credit cards. The DEA stepped in and made it a category 1 drug on July 1, 1985...

But, this is too obvious, aside from being ground zero for the popularization of the designer drug, the club was so much more. Philippe Starck is now a world renowned designer, but until his foray in Dallas he was only an up and coming Parisien designer virtually unknown outside of France. In addition, the mid '80's brought about a new second British invasion and the birth of new wave music: Dead or Alive, Book of Love, Depeche Mode, Grace Jones, Edie Brickell, Red Hot Chili peppers and a whole slew of new bands and artists performed there. Dallas in the 80's was fast becoming a world class city primarily due to an economic growth spurt and attracting people from all over the globe. This film explores the legacy and influence the club's impact has had on designers, DJ's, fashion, sex, and the seeds for the whole rave/techno scene. Simply put the Starck's allure was the Building, the Music, The Drug! Think the roaring '20's only transposed to the mid '80's complete with financial crisis. In this case, the Savings & Loan crisis that hammered the entire Southwestern US and spelled the end of the club's existence.

"Alexandre's brilliant film focuses on the unrestrained indulgences of the pre- bust era... cool enough to stir a controversy...." Allan Peppard- Dallas Morning News

"MUST HAVE for anyone who was able to participate in any of the madness." Josh Samford- Rogue Cinema

"Warriors of the Discotheque has an energy and vibrance that eludes other straightforward docs" Richard Propes- The Independent Critic

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Festival Screenings of the short version:
USA Dallas FF April 2009
Palm Springs International Short FF June 2009
Holly Shorts August 2009
New Filmmakers NYC November 2009
Queer Fruits FF Lismore Australia Jan 2010
Moorsbar Cinema Series London, UK May 2010

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