The Body Shop Cop

Joseph F. Alexandre has been hired to write and direct this reality TV pilot entitled The Body Shop Cop. Said pilot focuses on Rocco J. Avellini the president of Wreck Check Car Scan Centers which provides consumers with vital consultations for collision damaged vehicles, improper repairs, and loss of value recovery from Insurance companies through diminished value assessments. The pilot serves not only as an entertaining and informative proposal for a reality show, but how to identify & rectify improperly repaired vehicles and how to unwind a deal if you purchased a new or used car that had collision damage that was not disclosed at the time of sale.
Will Wright Project
Joseph F. Alexandre was hired initially by FilmEngine (The Rum Diary, Lucky Number Slevin, Butterfly Effect) at the behest of director Joe Carnahan (A-Team, Narc, The Grey) to write the screenplay, currently titled The Green Years, which you can read more about on VARIETY here. The story of a teenager who becomes a part of an international drug ring is now in the works with Secret Handshake films and Will Wright himself. The handsome National Merit Scholar was drafted by the Seattle Mariners. Meanwhile, Wright was caught by feds in a sting operation and revealed to be the mastermind of an international drug ring and money-laundering operation. He served eight years and was released at age 26. The script is complete, and if interested contact myself or agent Michael Lewis, see bottom.
Warriors of the Discotheque TV Pilot
Warriors of the Discotheque is being developed into a an episodic cable series ideal for HBO or Showtime. An Altmanesque tapestry capturing the magic of the times via a group of characters swirling around the fictionalized club (loosely based on The Starck Club.) Think the edginess of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, but transported to the the ‘80’s, and the birth of rave/ ecstasy culture as as lighting the fuse for the entire EDM industry. The Pilot & Bible are complete, please email myself or my agent or attorney.

Blue is the story of a hapless but likable, regular guy named Ralph Monti, a man with two strikes against him. One, he works nights and weekends as an umpire, but he can’t seem to get past little league. Two, it takes him a fistful of meds every day just to keep it together. Ralph’s game takes a dramatic turn when he meets Chase, the charismatic leader of a “men’s group.” Chase takes Ralph under his wing, introducing him to his group – The Order - at a weekend retreat in the mountains, where Ralph encounters a committed band of dangerous white nationalists. Chase has an “alternative” approach to Ralph’s medication, and uses it to shape Ralph into a dangerous weapon to be used by The Order as part of their plan of attack. Can Ralph help foil the event before it's too late?

The Prospect
This will be the GoodFellas of outlaw motorcycle club movies, the 1%'s so to speak. The script is in the works with Jerry Enright.  
Alexandre is developing The Real Casino into a feature called "WiseAcre" with the attachment of actor Jonas Ball (”The Killing of John Lennon” and “The Objective.”) The script is a darker, edgier Get Shorty meets duplicitous, morally ambiguous world of Prince of the City. The script is complete.
Clean Slate
What if you survived a huge cataclysm and could do it all over again? What would you do? Think It's a Wonderful Life meets The Sixth Sense. This script is complete.
A series of bizarre shooting lead to a huge conspiracy involving mind control. Think The Parallax View meets Inception, this film is based on the short Shadow Play, and is a completed screenplay.
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