We came baaaack... on Saturday April 28th, 2012, 9 pm at the Angelika Film Center, Mockingbird Station as part of the exclusive, Academy qualifying USA film festival in Dallas, TX. The official DVD release party and screening of unseen footage and deleted scenes was a blast! This Special Edition DVD includes Director & Editor commentary, deleted scenes, history of MDMA aka ecstasy, the beginnings of the Rave, the Short film, deleted scenes from the short, Trailers, and Photo gallery from USA FF... We're offering up this fantastic, BLOWOUT deal now. Jump on it while supplies last...

AND, more exciting news! We're very proud to announce our distribution deal with Microcinema International, one of the absolute best and most exclusive art house distributors in the world. Microcinema International, lead by legendary programmer/distributor Joel Bachar is home to such great films as Bill Cunningham New York, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Un Chiene Andelou, and filmmakers like Stan Brakhage, Craig Baldwin, and Maya Deren. PLEASE please help yourself to some Warriors merchandise at BLOWOUT prices below!

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We want to thank all those who made our screening of the new feature length version of Warriors of the Discotheque at the prestigious USA Dallas Film Festival on April 30th, 2011 at the Angelika Film Center such a huge success!!! The lively and raucous audience reaction was quite a sight to behold and exceeded our expectations tenfold. Stay tuned for more info. on upcoming screenings as we have several festival and special events planned.  In the meantime, please help support us by picking up a DVD for only $14.95...

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