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The Early Inauguration Trailer from Joseph F. Alexandre on Vimeo.

It's with great delight, and gratitude to our backers, that we can proudly announce our film is now up on Amazon. YES, that's right, The Early Inauguration is now available on Amazon! If you're a real baller on Prime, it's free. Otherwise, just .99 to rent or 2.99 or 3.99 for HD to own. Grab it folks!

We have a new screening coming up at HollyShorts on Thursday June 29, 2017 at 8:15 pm, get tix info HERE, right HERE:)!

We were proud to screen The Early Inauguration at the prestigious 46th annual USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX. We screened with some films from Clermont-Ferrand (along with the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival considered the best shorts fests in the world) and we more than held our own. More screenings to come, stay posted!

What happens when a newly elected President of the US takes office? Is he given an orientation, if you will? Is he possibly coerced or influenced to tone down his ambitious campaign rhetoric or vision for the country by the 'powers that be'? Is 'Hope and Change' muted somewhat by the fact that the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government don't have the mandate our founding fathers intended? These issues confront newly elected President Michael Liebman: a fictional cross between Obama, Paul Wellstone, but with a financial background more akin to Jon Corzine. He has a vision for how to re-make and fix the dysfunction inside the beltway. However, there's a consortium of powerful folks, who even helped get him elected, that have other conflicting ideas.

The President is making a thank you speech to his donor base in LA, and raising money for the DNC of course, Under the auspices of a National security issue in Pakistan, POTUS is led to a quick briefing on the situation. However, he quickly discovers the two gentlemen awaiting him, both former NSA operatives now in the private sector, representing the aforementioned 'powers that be', have slightly different ideas. Will Liebman's Presidency be hijacked before he even takes office? Help us answer this question: The Early Inauguration

These ideas are explored in a highly speculative way in this narrative short entitled, The Early Inauguration. Stylistically, just imagine what a cinematic baby between David Mamet, Oliver Stone, and Stanley Kubrick might look like? Overseen by Noam Chomsky as a technical adviser for good measure.... With some good fortune and help from YOU, this film will be ready in time for the 2016 election & ensuing media circus where we elect out next POTUS. Help us spread the word and any help you can give us will be well rewarded, The Early Inauguration

Lemon 2008



A hit man gets the job to go see the "girl downtown", he gets dressed in drag, gets accosted by a horny drunk whom he quickly dispenses of, and surprises the 'girl' with a few tricks up his sleeve. Only it turns out she may be holding the ace in the deck.

This short was culled from a feature script written with Jan Firek, we made a sample trailer here:


Shadow Play

Mike Nelson (Kurt Mattsen)is a young aspiring actor who is introduced by a friend to a mysterious gentleman named Mr. Christian (John Crowther). Mr. Christian explains he has a grant to research ang quantify creativity. What seperates an ordinary painter from Picasso, an ordinary scribe from Fitzgerald, etc. and what if one could harness and tap into that creativity?In exchange for Mike's participation he is promised an entree into the theatre world as Mr. christian can call upon his wide array of connections in the art world due to his studies thus far. All Mike has to do is watch and read some videos and essays he's been given and respond with some sort of improvizational monologue.

Things begin well enough for Mike as he has been called back on some auditions, however, the materials he has been presented leave a lasting an unwanted impression. He feels he may even be programmed somehow. Even more disturbing is that Mike has reason to believe several of the programs past participants may have gone on murderous shooting sprees. However, because of Mike's confused state of mind, it is hard for him to know whether this is just delusion or not. Will Mike be the next victim, and most importantly who is Mr. Christian?

While this film comes under the guise of a thriller, it is really a meditative piece on the nature of violence in the U.S. and offers in it's subtext a few possible reasons why... Coming soon to DVD, but we're proud to announce it's available on Amazon Video on Demand, just click here..

God Save the Queen

God Save The Queen starts as a lyrical, meditative appreciation of the beauty of California's central coast and quickly shifts into an explosive polemic charged with political overtones about current US foreign policy in Iraq and recent world events and how the two are inextricably linked.

Coming soon to DVD