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Back Home Years Ago: The Real Casino

We're pleased to announce the release of The Real Casino on both PLEX
as well as YouTube AVOD (must watch an ad or two...)

Also, available on Amazon Prime The Real Casino Special Edition on VOD.
This version of The Real Casino includes never before seen still photos, new footage, and revealed identities, etc. It is also available in a special 2 DVD set below. ALSO, we're double pleased to let all you 'friends of ours' in La Cosa Nostra know we're now on Vimeo on Demand for the first time, world-wide... Literally less than a buck!

The Real Casino - Special Edition from Joseph F. Alexandre on Vimeo.

My appearance on Wiseguy Talk Radio, discussing both The Real Casino & The Real GoodFellas.
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Every filmmaker's dream is to one day get the 'Criterion' treatment... And, as part of the legendary, groundbreaking series Split Screen, we did just that... Now on the Criterion Channel you can stream Season 4, Episode 3 (originally Episode 18 on the original IFC Show.) If you're not familiar with John & Janet Peirson's show Split Screen you can read more  here... 

BACK HOME YEARS AGO: THE REAL CASINO is about the real Chicago gangsters who migrated to Las Vegas and formed the basis for Martin Scorsese's epic Casino. The focus is on real life counterparts to the Nicholas Pileggi book "Casino," and subsequent film. "The Real Casino" gives you insights to the film's main characters such as Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal (the Robert DeNiro character), Tony Spilotro (the Joe Pesci character), Alan Dorfman (the Alan King Character), and several of their pals and relatives who were privy to the way Chicago's "Outfit" operated and gained favor in Las Vegas.

Unlike many typical "mob" documentaries this is far more than a simple by the numbers account of real events such as the standard, "then he was 'whacked' outside the club..." Instead, the film opts to portray a more first person impressionistic view into the lifestyle, and rip away the sheer veneer of the typical mob film. The film further delves into the stereotypes of the cinematic "mafia" world and makes a compelling contrast between reality and the Hollywood version.

The film first aired on John Pierson's Split Screen on IFC/ Bravo, where "The Blair Witch Project" and "American Movie" originated, as well as Bravo and PBS. The full- length version "Back Home Years Ago: The Real Casino" aired on Image Union, WTTW Channel 11, the Chicago PBS affiliate. It has screened in some 25 festivals worldwide and is included on the TF 1 3 disc Special Collector's edition. It also aired on french cable channel www.shortstv.fr

In addition, we're offering the new 2 disc special edition along w/ the original DVD which makes this a special 2 disc package that includes new version with new and never before seen still photos, new footage, and revealed identities, etc. The Real Casino Special Edition 2 disc set!


Purchase the new 2 disc Special Edition along w/ the original DVD which makes this a special 2 disc package that includes new version w new and never before seen still photos and footage etc. The Real Casino Special Edition 2 disc set.


We tried valiantly to bring you THE REAL GoodFellas, but our crowd funding campaign was LOUDLY ignored... Here's the old info though, contact US if you're interested.

Click here to find out about our project I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A GANGSTER: THE REAL GoodFellas!

The chances are if you're reading this you've seen the legendary master work by Martin Scorsese, GoodFellas. And chances are, you've seen short pieces on A&E or CNBC about Henry Hill and the story behind the brilliant film. But, did you know things like the real Tommy D (Joe Pesci) was very handsome and over 6 feet tall, while Henry (Ray Liotta) was shorter and more the wise cracking,smart ass. Did you know John Gotti was alleged to have been the guy to whack Tommy D? Did you know the guy who played 'Fat Andy' was a real hit man, one of the 'Mob Cops'? Did you know there are questions about the veracity of the 'Spider' card game scene? Did you know Henry's Hill time in Witness protection was just as insane, dramatic, and filled with just as many, if not even more, enthralling and mind blowing stories as his time as a gangster in Paul Vario's Lucchese crew?

You can get a copy of The Real Casino DVD & help us get The Real GoodFellas 'MADE'!

Much like JFA Films did with the other Scorsese mob epic, Casino, we shall delve into the real people, places, and stories that served as the foundation for the iconic film, and book Wiseguy, by Nicholas Pileggi. As with Back Home Years Ago: The Real Casino, we don't just seek to give you facts, nothing but the facts, but rather an inside, impressionistic view of being in the 'life'. We seek to rip away some of the veneer of the mob film, as The Real Casino did. In fact, particularly for women who grew up in La Cosa Nostra, there was little exciting or glamorous about being a mob wife or child. You'll see from the trailer to our doc about the real people who were the basis for Scorsese's companion piece to GoodFellas, Casino, you get a great feel for what we're going for. Help us get this film 'made'! You want a deal? You can get a copy of The Real Casino DVD & help us get The Real GoodFellas 'MADE'!


"A primer for Indie filmmakers... compelling, disturbing edge of your seat stuff... Alexandre has fashioned himself a good intro as a filmmaker...." Chris Parry- efilmcritic.com

"...entertaining at worst, and an important historical document at best." James Sweeney- Film Threat

"I'm impressed with the access Alexandre obtained with real life mobsters... make this a 5 star review baby!" Christopher Null- www.filmcritic.com

"Alexandre's first person perspective lends a Michael Moore feel without the hamperings of Michael Moore's self indulgence..." Allen Richards- B-independent.com

"if you're interested in the real life counterparts to the Nicholas Pileggi novel "Casino," then this documentary will hit the spot." Dennis Schwarz- Ozu's world movie reviews


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Available on DVD

TF 1 version FRENCH DVD

The shorter IFC Split Screen Version below, as well as above mentioned on Criterion Channel As one can see the below, the links to blockbuster & netflix are no longer valid, but once upon a time we were available there too...




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